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Article: What's in your Diaper Bag with Jessica Mason of J.M.porium

What's in your Diaper Bag with Jessica Mason of J.M.porium

What's in your Diaper Bag with Jessica Mason of J.M.porium

As mamas, we can all learn so much from one another. Like, what the heck should I pack in my diaper bag?! That's why I've interviewed some fellow moms and business owners to learn their tried and true tips about what they keep in their bags. 

Jessica and felt kit

My friend Jessica Mason owns JMporium and sells gorgeous quality felt kits for kids. Check them out here or on instagram here! She is a busy mama of 3 adorable kiddos ages 7, 6 & 3. She and her family live in Washington state. If you know her, you can't help but be uplifted by her positive energy and strong faith. She loves to rollerblade, rock climb and decorate her home inside and out!

what to pack in your diaper bag

Bodomint: Jessica, what are your go to items that you pack in your diaper bag?

1) I love to carry a wet bag just in case of accidents. My favorites are from Slantwise.

2) I'm always using my Nose Frida.

3) Gotta have diaper rash cream. Boudreaux's Butt Paste is my all time favorite.

4) Hand sanitizer. The spray bottle by HONEST is AWESOME!

5) Kids water bottles. We love the Thermoflasks.

6) I always have Diaper Disposal Bags, they come in handy more than you might think. I love the "holder" too. I usually clip it to the outside of my diaper bag.

7) Home-made first aid kit in this box. I usually put all different sized Band-aids in there and Neosporin. The big kids love this box. They feel like they can really help other kids when they get hurt.

Plus my usual: phone, chapstick, air pods, notebook and pen & a water bottle for me.

I also have a special place to keep my Bodomint bag when I'm at home and I love it!

As an entrepreneur, what are some lessons you have learned as you try to manage both sides of your life?

Some tools and systems that have helped me are calendaring, block scheduling and setting lots of alarms on my phone. Also, giving myself "whatever" hours to just be present with my family. Honestly the biggest thing is replacing the word "balance" with "rhythm."  I used to think that my life needed to be as balanced as possible but now I view my life with rhythm instead of balance. Like sheet music you can see notes that my be going up or down, or there may be tons of notes in one measure or just one. The beat may be fast or slow, the pitch high or low, to me that's life and we need to take one measure of music (or life) at a time, either way just keep moving. 

Do you ever involve your kids in your work? If so how?

HECK YES! My kiddos can earn money helping me stuff my products with business cards, inserts, etc. They also help me package orders and carry them into the post office. My kids have become mindful of my business. They have started to pray for JMporium and its future. It has really touched me.

What fuels you when you are feeling like your emotional cup is running low?

Going on a hike or exercising with my husband or listening to self improvement books.


My Favorite Bodomint Bag: The Black Vegan Leather Diaper Bag Backpack!!! I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love it!!!

Most random thing you'll find in my bag: Peanut m&ms and old dried up flowers (weeds) my kids have picked for me.

I stay up late with: Nobody, I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal.

My Dream vacation: Somewhere on a warm white sand secluded beach with my husband

Recently, I'm girl crushing on: Jen Reed @thesisterstudioig on Instagram

My Karaoke Jam is: Anything Michael Jackson

Thanks so much for doing this interview with us Jessica! We loved learning from you.