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Article: Creativity for Your Mental Health: Mompreneur Series with Lindsay McBride Design

Creativity for Your Mental Health: Mompreneur Series with Lindsay McBride Design

Creativity for Your Mental Health: Mompreneur Series with Lindsay McBride Design

I'm so excited to introduce the new Mompreneur Series! As I hone in on what is important to me as a business owner, I realize that human connection is what it's all about. We cannot connect as humans if we don't share our personal stories, trials, and triumphs. So, I've committed to digging into the stories of my fellow Mom Entrepreneurs to find out what makes them tick, what they've learned about themselves and any advice they can share. Sharing our stories helps up to feel less alone in this crazy world. Let's stick together!

Enter my friend Lindsay McBride. I met Lindsay when I was a student in Hawaii. She came to visit and crashed on our couch for a few days (gotta love that college life). We recently reconnected at a Instagram Workshop last September. Since our stars had aligned, I knew we had to work together somehow. Lindsay is a TRUE artist in the deepest sense of the word and I am impressed with her commitment to her craft while also raising 4 little humans. Let's get to know her.

Bodomint: When did you start creating art and what motivates you to do it? 

Lindsay McBride: When I was a little girl I had an art class in elementary school where we created these small animal sculptures out of clay. I fell in love with clay immediately and knew deep down that I needed to make more things out of clay. I took every art class offered in high school and decided to go to art school with a focus in ceramics art. I am very motivated by creating art. It’s not only something that I love to do but something that I need. I’ve always been a bit shy or felt like I didn’t quit fit in especially when I was younger and I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and dyslexia my whole life but when I am creating I feel calm and I feel like I can handle all the hard stuff. 


What is your favorite art medium to work with? Where do you find inspiration?

LM: I love exploring mediums so this is a hard question to answer. I don’t think I have a favorite because I look at these different mediums as tools for my soul to communicate. I can express different thoughts and ideas using different materials and mediums and one of the best parts and most challenging parts is trying to marry the medium and ideas together to truly communicate the best way I can. But if I had to choose a couple of favorites I would choose clay and oil painting. I am extremely inspired by color and texture in nature, and the human experience. 

oil painting

Many of us struggle to balance mom life and our businesses. As an entrepreneur, what are some lessons you have learned as you try to manage both sides of your life?

LM: This is a daily struggle. I am entering the teenage years with a couple of my children and need to be available for them. It’s definitely a challenge, but I try to batch my work while they are at school or just work for a couple of hours at a time while they have other things going on. They are very supportive, but I have to definitely be mindful when balancing my time. I also try to involve them. They work along with me and I value their input. The work I do is important to me, but they need to know that I am available and am willing to stop at any moment if needed. 

How do you involve your kids in your work? 

LM: Some of my best days are when they are sitting by my side creating with me! My youngest is four years old and he really loves to play with the clay and paint on the canvas with me. It’s a really great way to bond.

paint cans

What fuels you when you are feeling like your emotional cup is running low?

LM: Water, sleep, sunshine, exercise, reading something uplifting, prayer, and of course creating. This is my master list of things that work for me daily to keep my emotional and mental health in check.  I write it in my daily planner so that I remember to refer to it. It’s helpful.

Clay Process


My Favorite Bodomint Bag: I am in love with the Brown Vegan Leather Diaper Bag Backpack. I don’t have small babies anymore but I use this bag daily and absolutely love it!  It’s beautiful and very functional. 

Most essential thing in my bag: snacks! lol

Most random thing in my bag: art work. Sometimes I find random pieces of pottery in my bag that I forgot to take out. 

I stay up late with: Netflix and my husband

My Dream vacation: Going to Bali for like a month and just immersing myself in the culture and the quiet. It just seems like the most peaceful place on the planet.

Recently, I'm girl crushing on: Brene Brown always!

My Karaoke Jam is: Under Pressure, David Bowie

The cause closest to my heart is: Mental Health and Self Love